• Q: What is a 360 Virtual Tour?
  • It is a facility to "Showcase" your business to potential customers searching the net at random looking for similar products and services that your business offers. It is a four dimensional miracle technology offering "Virtual Panoramic Tour" through off-site scenes.
  • Q: What exactly is the facility?
  • It would enable your potential customers to view the interiors of your business – showroom, factory, hotel, guest house, serviced apartment, restaurant, nursing home, hospitals etc. The customers can virtually walk straight into your business without actually being physically present! They can have the interior views in great details as they virtually walk along the guided tour.
  • Q: How my customers will feel?
  • They will feel as if they are actually on the location while viewing the moving scenes of your business facilities. The panoramic view would provide interactive moving visual effect, creating an incredible illusory feeling of being actually present in the midst of the scenes on display.
  • Q: What the customers can do with such visuals on display?
  • They can be grab and auto-rotate the moving images at different angles - twisting, turning and enlarging the moving visuals depicting your facilities.
  • Q: Who can provide this facility?
  • We are a Certified Trusted Agency of Google Inc. for shooting and installing 360 Degree Virtual Panoramic Tour. This incredible facility is provided by us in partnership with Google Inc. Our expert team will help you design and execute the job as per your specifications.
  • Q: How this can be done?
  • We will take high quality photos of your facility interiors and create a 360 HDR virtual tour using Google Maps technology. The Virtual Tour is prepared by our highly competent professional photographers by fusing series of wide-angle real photo shoots with sophisticated state of the art equipment and uploaded in the internet.
  • Q: How it will benefit us?
  • Such uploaded Virtual Tours can be viewed on Google Search, Google Maps and Google+ Local search sites and whatever else you like to upload wherever. These can also be embedded on the Websites and Social Media. Customers randomly searching the net for specific services can virtually walk through your business. The benefit will be immense. 97% of consumers use internet search for products and services.You will stand-apart from your competitors immediately.
  • Q: How long will it take?
  • No time at all. Your Virtual Tour would instantly be live on Google search!
  • Q: Is it an alternative to maintaining a separate website?
  • Yes, it is. And at no extra cost – capital or recurring!
  • Q: Is it costly?
  • It is incredible reasonably priced compared to its commercial benefit. Just contact us to know about our services.
  • Q: Any "Hidden Charges"?
  • No. You pay just once. It does not involve any recurring expenses or user charges.
Google360° Street View
Lewaterina (I) Pvt. Ltd.

How It Works


How to Get Started

First, you need to be on Google Places
If you aren't already, you can get started here. It's quick and easy.
Contact Visualite 360°
Only Google Trusted Photographers can publish virtual tours to Google, Visualite 360° is part of this program.
We'll set a shoot date/time
Most sessions take less than an hour at your location. You don't have to close the business. We'll schedule a time that works best for you.
Visualite 360° notifies you when your tour is live!
There's nothing else you need to do. You'll also get a download link for all of your high resolution feature photos.